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About Kadapa

The city’s name is derived from the Telugu word kadapa or gadapa (“gate”) and is so named because it is the gateway from the north to the sacred hill pagoda of the Hindu deity Venkateshvara at Tirupati to the southeast. The city became known by the Anglicized name Cuddapah after the British took control of it in the early 19th century. It reverted to the Telugu form in 2005. Peanuts (groundnuts), sunflowers, cotton, and melons dominate Kadapa’s agricultural economy. Several government colleges affiliated with Sri Venkateswara University at Tirupati are located there. The surrounding region, part of the southern section of the Eastern Ghats range, is the source of fine-grained limestones used for floor tiles and tabletops. Pop. (2001) city, 126,505; urban agglom., 262,506; (2011) urban agglom., 344,893.

Kadapa Leaders

Kadapa District Officers

Sri C. Hari Kiran, IAS

Collector & District Magistrate

Sri S.Lavanna

Kadapa Municipal Commisiner

KKN Anburajan IPS

Kadapa Superintendent of Police

Famous Place in Kadapa

Ameen Peer Dargah

This Dargah or Asthana (shrine) is also called Asthana-e-Magdoom Ilahi (آستانہ مخدوم الہی). It is located in Asthana-e-Magdoom Ilahi Dargah complex,

Belum Caves

More than million years old, Belum Caves is the longest caves in the Indian Subcontinent. The 3229-meter long caves rank second in the list of largest

Gandikota Fort

Gandikota Fort

Gandikota Fort is situated in the Gandikota Village that is near the Jammalamadugu Taluk. The fort is famous for the gorge appearing between

Gandikota Fort


Pushpagiri is a beautiful place, which is considered sacred as it has many temples and a favorite pilgrimage. The place is unique has it is a symbol



Those who visit Kadapa do not miss visiting Ontimitta, which has the famous Sri Kodandarama Swami Temple. The idols of three Hindu gods in the temple

Sri Venkateswara Wildlife Sanctuary

Sri Venkateswara Wildlife Sanctuary

Sri Venkateswara Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the important tourist attractions here. If you love nature and wildlife, you would not want to

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